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Welcome to the Dovetail Technologies Support Centre.  This site allows Dovetail's clients to track progress on their projects and individual support issues.

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Logging a new issue

To log an issue, just send an email to It will automatically be added to the issue tracking system, and you will be sent a confirmation email.

Please send one email per issue. Don’t worry if it feels like you are sending a lot of emails - it's best to have one per issue. This will ensure that that each issue is treated individually and nothing is overlooked.

The Subject

Try to keep the subject short, but as descriptive as possible. It will become the title of the bug/issue in the Support Centre. A good title will avoid confusion.

Good titles

"Error when cancelling order on payment screen"

"Total value of order should be highlighted on order confirmation screen"

Bad titles


"Error on website"

"Wrong formatting"

The Email Body

You want the support team to quickly recreate and resolve your problem. To do this you must supply three things:

  1. The steps we should take to reproduce the bug (what screen we should open, what should we click etc)
  2. What you expected to see
  3. What you saw instead

This will allow us to quickly recreate the problem and fix it, without having to come back to you for more information.